Seasons to Sail

CroisiEurope offers cruises every month of the year!

Our main European cruise season is eight months long, from March through October — beginning as spring shows her face, and coming to a close as winter draws near.  You’ll find that each season will have its own unique pleasures and romantic charm, and each will give you ample opportunity to experience the inimitable tastes, sounds and sights of Europe.

We also offer special Christmas and New Year cruises.  These holidays are, historically, richly festive times in Europe, so you’ll have a chance to experience this time of year in a whole new way.  And our February cruises to Carnival in Venice are full of celebration and spectacle!

No matter what season you choose, we hope you’ll enjoy your time with us.     

European Cruises

Holland, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, France, Austria, Hungary, Romania, Italy, Spain, Croatia, Greece

Peak months for our European river cruises are May, June, and September.  This is a delightful time of year to sail — bright and joyful.  The weather in Europe at these times of year is typically mild and pleasant, with the occasional brisk day, and spring flowers or the autumn fruit and vegetable harvest can be seen and enjoyed.    One of our most popular cruises in the springtime is to the famous gardens at Keukenhof, Holland, where you’ll enjoy over 7 million brilliant and breathtaking tulips, daffodils and hyacinths, filling the air with color and fragrance.

You will find the climate on our cruises to the northern sections of Europe — Holland and Germany — to be quite comfortable, although just a bit cooler than in the central European countries of Switzerland, France, Austria, Hungary, and Romania. The southern European countries such as Italy, Greece, and Spain will be warmer still. 

Summer Cruises

July and August comprise our summer season, which is the second most popular time of year for cruising.  Summer is a time of sweet, sultry relaxation and leisure.  The weather in each of the climes to which we travel is warmer — sometimes quite hot, if you are traveling near the Mediterranean — and you will find that the vineyards and countryside gardens are in full, fragrant summer bloom and fruit. 

Spring, Autumn and Winter Cruises

Our “low season” cruises are offered in March, April and October.  March and April travels encourage thoughts of spring, with cheerful early flowers popping up in some of the more temperate environs; October invites quiet contemplation and reflection.  The weather may be chillier and sometimes rainier than other months — or you could be fortunate to enjoy a warm, sunny early spring or late autumn.  You never know! 

With our “low season” cruises you’ll also enjoy lower costs and possibly find the cruises even quieter, as there may be fewer fellow passengers than during other months. 

Our Christmas and New Year cruises, in November, December and January, offer trips to France, Belgium, Austria, Germany, Holland, Italy or Spain, to enjoy the traditions and festivities in these locations. Many northern European areas — such as Alsace, Belgium, and Germany — are known for their huge, spectacular Christmas Markets — which offer unique crafts, performances, and local foods and beverages in an atmosphere of sparkling holiday celebration.  Our holiday cruises also focus on wines and traditional gastronomy, art, and historic architectural treasures.

We also offer “sun seeking” November, December and January cruises to Cyprus and Israel — just when you most need some warmth, we’ll take you to the blue waters and into bright yellow sunshine.