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Cruise on the Nile: The Land of the Pharaohs (port-to-port cruise)

8 Days - 8NL_PP
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The cradle of all civilizations—ancient Egypt—has fascinated humankind forever. Since the dawn of time, explorers, diplomats, writers, and painters have used the fertile banks of the Nile as inspiration for their work. Even today, we still seek the answers to the mysteries found within the pharaohs’ tombs. Over two thousand years of history are waiting for you on a cruise that promises exciting, spectacular, and unforgettable discoveries. Majestic temples, tombs, pyramids, and lively villages dot the Nile Valley landscapes from Luxor to Aswan. Wind down from your everyday grind and step way back in time on a cruise through Upper Egypt.

Croisi +
All inclusive on board


  • All meals included - DRINKS INCLUDED with meals
  • Refined local cuisine
  • Headsets are included for excursions
  • Official welcome from the captain and crew
  • Tour leader or cruise director on board
  • Onboard activities and/or lectures
  • Travel assistance and repatriation insurance
  • All port fees included


  • Visit the most beautiful sites of Upper Egypt: Karnak, Luxor, Edfu, Philae, Kom Ombo
  • Spectacular Sound and Light Show at the Karnak Temple Complex (optional)
  • Discover Abu Simbel (optional)
  • Meet villagers in Aswan and Luxor and discover their culture and customs
  • Enjoy a tuk-tuk ride in the heart of typical villages
  • On board services from an Egyptologist and our CroisiEurope cruise director


Day 1


Passengers are welcome to board our ship starting from 4 p.m. Enjoy dinner and your first night on board.

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Day 2


We’ll visit the Karnak Temple Complex, once one of the largest and most important religious complexes in ancient Egypt. The immense size of Karnak, as well as its various details, makes it an invaluable historical site and resource for understanding the evolution of ancient Egypt. We’ll enjoy lunch on board. We’ll then tour the Luxor Temple, a strikingly graceful monument in the heart of the modern town. Its main function was during the annual Opet celebrations, when the statues of Amun, Mut, and Khonsu were reunited during the inundation of the river. After our excursion, we’ll return on board the ship. Enjoy dinner and the night on board.

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Day 3


In Edfu, we’ll leave in horse-drawn carriages to visit the Temple of Horus. Built between 237 and 57 BC, this temple is one of the best-preserved ancient monuments in Egypt. It was excavated in the mid-19th century after being buried under sand and rubble for hundreds of years. We’ll enjoy lunch as we continue to cruise towards Aswan. During this time, we'll pass by Gebel el-Silsila, a major quarry site from the Eighteenth Dynasty of Egypt to Greco-Roman times. Join us for a presentation on ancient Egypt. We’ll enjoy an Egyptian-themed dinner and spend the night on board. 

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Day 4


Discover the Aswan Dam, one of the largest dams in the world. It tames the Nile River and utilizes its power for a variety of reasons, most notably for providing electricity to the country. Since its construction, the dam has been able to control the annual flooding of the river and has allowed the installation of an irrigation system that helps produce two crops per year. We’ll then visit the Philae Temple Complex: After the dam was finished in 1902, the temple complex was partially submerged, so in 1960, UNESCO started a project to save the buildings. In the long run, every building was dismantled into units and then transported to this nearby island for reconstruction. The most ancient temple is dedicated to Isis and dates back to 380 BC. We’ll enjoy lunch on board. In the afternoon, we’ll board small local boats and enjoy a ride on the Nile, between the granite islands and the natural reserve, passing close to Elephantine Island. We’ll then take a stroll in a typical Nubian village and discover its school and clinic. We’ll enjoy dinner and spend the night on board.

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Day 5


Take advantage of a free day in Aswan. You’ll be able to discover the Nubian Museum on your own, amble down the streets around the bazaar or choose to stop off for a cup of tea at the legendary Old Cataract Hotel overlooking the Nile.

Join us for an optional visit of the Abu Simbel temples. Discovering these amazing rock temples is one of the highlights of a trip to Egypt. Located about 140 miles (230 km and three hours driving time) southwest of Aswan, the complex is in the heart of the desert, at the border with Sudan, and is the most impressive imprint left by Ramesses II. We’ll have lunch in Abu Simbel and return to the ship in the afternoon before our ship begins to cruise once again. We’ll have dinner and spend the night on board.

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Day 6


Well visit the Temple of Kom Ombo, dedicated to the gods Sobek (the crocodile god), Haroeris (“Horus the Elder”), Tasenetnofret (the Good Sister), and Panebtawy (Lord of the Two Lands). By the late 1800s, much of the temple had been either destroyed by earthquakes, the waters of the Nile, or builders who took the stone for other projects. It was cleaned and restored by Jacques de Morgan in 1893. The temple is unique because its dual design shows that there were courts, halls, sanctuaries, and rooms duplicated for two sets of gods. Well enjoy lunch on board. During our cruise to Luxor, join us for a presentation on modern Egypt. Well enjoy dinner on board this evening, along with a show of traditional Egyptian entertainment. We’ll travel through the Esna Lock. We’ll spend the night on board.

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Day 7


Join us for a visit to the Valley of the Kings and four of its tombs, including the longest and deepest of royal tombs built for Seti I. It was also the first tomb to feature decorations on every passageway and chambers with highly refined bas-reliefs and colorful paintings. When Giovanni Battista Belzoni first entered the tomb, the paint on the walls was still fresh looking, and some of the artists’ paints and brushes were still on the floor. We’ll also stop for a photo op at the Colossi of Memnon and the Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut. Well then visit The Harpers Tomb,” one of the most famous in the valley. Tomb KV11 is the tomb of Pharaoh Ramesses III, one of the last great monarchs in ancient Egypt. The quality of the colors and the scenes represented on the temple walls make it one of the top tourist destinations in the valley. At the end of our excursion, we’ll see how stonemasons work. We’ll enjoy lunch on board. In the afternoon, we’ll cross the Nile in small, local boats to the west bank and begin our tour on an auto rickshaw. This is the moment to discover the off-the-beaten-path sites visited and experience daily life within typical villages. Tonight’s dinner will be a Méchoui. We'll also learn about the techniques used to make papyrus. We’ll spend the night on board.

Optional excursion: Sound and Light Show at the Karnak Temple Complex.

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Day 8


Enjoy one last buffet breakfast before disembarking at 9 a.m. End of our services.

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Dates & Prices

Departure 01/02/2020
Arrival 08/02/2020
Ship : JAZ ROYALE Ship category : PREMIUM
Departure 08/02/2020
Arrival 15/02/2020
Ship : JAZ ROYALE Ship category : PREMIUM
Departure 29/02/2020
Arrival 07/03/2020
Ship : JAZ ROYALE Ship category : PREMIUM
Departure 07/03/2020
Arrival 14/03/2020
Ship : JAZ ROYALE Ship category : PREMIUM
Departure 14/03/2020
Arrival 21/03/2020
Ship : JAZ ROYALE Ship category : PREMIUM
Departure 21/03/2020
Arrival 28/03/2020
Ship : JAZ ROYALE Ship category : PREMIUM
Departure 28/03/2020
Arrival 04/04/2020
Ship : JAZ ROYALE Ship category : PREMIUM
Departure 02/05/2020
Arrival 09/05/2020
Ship : JAZ ROYALE Ship category : PREMIUM
Departure 09/05/2020
Arrival 16/05/2020
Ship : JAZ ROYALE Ship category : PREMIUM
Departure 05/09/2020
Arrival 12/09/2020
Ship : JAZ ROYALE Ship category : PREMIUM
Departure 12/09/2020
Arrival 19/09/2020
Ship : JAZ ROYALE Ship category : PREMIUM
Departure 03/10/2020
Arrival 10/10/2020
Ship : JAZ ROYALE Ship category : PREMIUM
Departure 10/10/2020
Arrival 17/10/2020
Ship : JAZ ROYALE Ship category : PREMIUM
Departure 07/11/2020
Arrival 14/11/2020
Ship : JAZ ROYALE Ship category : PREMIUM
Departure 14/11/2020
Arrival 21/11/2020
Ship : JAZ ROYALE Ship category : PREMIUM
Departure 05/12/2020
Arrival 12/12/2020
Ship : JAZ ROYALE Ship category : PREMIUM
Departure 12/12/2020
Arrival 19/12/2020
Ship : JAZ ROYALE Ship category : PREMIUM

* Price based on double occupancy



For French, Swiss, and Belgian nationals: Passport that is valid for 6 months after your date of return, with at least three side-by-side pages free of any markings and mandatory Egyptian visa delivered on entry (current price $25 to be paid upon arrival).

For other nationalities: Please consult the competent authorities (consulate/embassy) before your trip.

Included :
Not included

Your cruise in the cabin of your choice on board the Jaz Royale (or similar ship) - your cruise with all meals from dinner on the first day to breakfast on the final day - all visits and excursions mentioned in the program (except for the optional excursions) - the assistance of English-speaking Egyptologists for all visits - the services of our CroisiEurope cruise director on board - drinks at all meals (mineral water + 1 soft drink or 1 beer* or 1 glass of wine* + 1 tea or coffee per person at each meal) - travel assistance and repatriation insurance - tips - all port fees.

Tips: To ensure our customers a more pleasant stay, we’ve included €50 (including tax and VAT) for tips which will be entirely paid to the personnel from the countries to be visited. This amount was determined while taking into consideration the local customs and etiquette.

Transfers to/from departure/arrival points - Egyptian visa - cancellation and baggage insurance: 3.8% of the total cost of the trip, per person - optional excursions.

Shore Excursions

Sound and Light show at the Karnak Temple Complex

Discover the history of Egypt with this spectacular Sound and Light show at the Philae Temple dedicated to the goddess Isis. After the building of the Aswan Dam, the temple complex was partially submerged. In 1960, each building was moved from its or...

Duration h00 Classic

Abu Simbel

We’ll leave for the Abu Simbel archaeological site in the morning. Discovering these amazing rock temples is one of the highlights of a trip to Egypt. Located about 140 miles (230 km and three hours driving time) southwest of Aswan, the complex...

Duration h00 Classic


Several ships available for this cruise

Useful information


Vaccines are not mandatory for this trip. It is nevertheless advisable to be up to date with the following vaccinations: tetanus, polio, hepatitis A and B, diphtheria and typhoid fever. The use of mosquito repellent is highly recommended.


The official currency in Egypt is the Egyptian pound (symbolized as E£).
For the current exchange rates, please consult websites such as or

There are ample bank machines available, and they accept credit or debit cards to withdraw cash. We recommend not using credit or debit cards in the bazaars.


Northern Egypt can be rather cold in winter, but on the whole, the country enjoys a warm and dry climate throughout the year. From January to March, temperatures vary between 68° to 90°F (20° to 32°C) on the Mediterranean coast, and 82° to 122°F (28° to 50°C) around Aswan, which also receives very little rain.


You can consult to see the time difference between your home and your destination.

Additional information


Starting from 2 participants

These cruises and tours are not recommended for persons with reduced mobility. You must be in good physical condition to participate. There are no elevators on the ship, and many tours and visits are done on foot.

The ship is not a part of the CroisiEurope fleet.


  • For the safety of our passengers, the captain and crew of the boat may decide to modify the navigational itinerary.
  • The excursions may be modified or reversed for technical requirements or in case of cultural events… Please note that Egyptian authorities can unexpectedly close certain sites or museums. If this occurs, we will propose an alternative.
  • The excursions will take place by either air-conditioned coaches, small local boats or tuk-tuk.
  • The excursions are guided by an English-speaking Egyptologist. Passengers are equipped with audio guides for more comfort during the visits.
  • Certain places we will visit have very high levels of security. We cannot be held liable for any unforeseen closings, but we will commit to doing our best to ensure comparable substitute excursions.
  • Frequent traffic jams in Luxor and Cairo caused by intense traffic or religious events can disturb the sequence of certain excursions.
  • If necessary, the itinerary, stopovers or visits may be modified by the cruise company or our local representatives
  • There is no heating on board.
  • In Egypt, it is customary to cover your shoulders, head and knees while visiting religious sites.

*Alcohol can be dangerous to your health. Please drink in moderation.

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