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River Cruise in Europe

2024 departures

Plan your 2024 river cruise in Europe, browse our wide range of destinations to select the departure of your choice.

Our 2024 European river cruises include the our best selling river cruise itineraries on the Romantic Rhine, the Blue Danube, the picturesque Seine, the enchanting Bordeaux region or the pleasant Provence region along the Rhône and Saône rivers. The cruises on the Loire and the Elbe rivers are among our latest destinations on board our new paddle wheel ships. On board the MS Belle de l'Adriatique, CroisiEurope also offers sea cruises for unique Vacations.

CroisiEurope offers you a unique chance to experience the very best of the destinations of your dreams. With our high quality services, you will be in the very best conditions to make the most out of your River cruise vacation.

During your Cruise you will experience the very best CroisiEurope has to offer. Our cruises offer High quality restauration as well as a very high quality selection of wine and drinks. Don't wait any second and book now your dream holidays.

Explore music, culture, and breathtaking landscapes on one of our river cruises in Europe. While onboard, our friendly and attentive staff will ensure your experience is as pleasurable as possible. You will be delighted by the exquisite gourmet options - each meal on your cruise will give you a delightful experience of French haute cuisine.

Discover your dreams on one of our European riverboat cruises and enjoy your dream cruise.