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Christmas and New Year cruises

The magic of holidays over water!

Christmas and New Year

Full details on all our magical end of year celebrations cruises.

New Year cruises

Christmas is one of the best times of the year to travel, as New Year is a perfect time to meet up with friends and family and celebrate in style. On a cruise at Christmas, our crews will make sure to offer you the most memorable Christmas-eve party while enjoying breath-taking views of some of the most beautiful cities in Europe. So hard to resist the idea of spending Christmas on the docks of Venice, Amsterdam, Budapest, Strasbourg or Paris ...

These same cities you can visit and enjoy this time of the year with all the Christmas markets and the illuminated cities given this time of year a certain charm and beauty.

Join us this Christmas and/or New Year on a cruise and spend some unforgettable days in the most beautiful cities of Europe. Or travel to the other side of the world, with our cruises in Southern Africa or over the Mekong, between Cambodia and Vietnam.