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Cruises on the Mediterranean Sea

Venturing on a cruise on the Mediterranean coast is always a good way to escape the dreariness of winter or to fully enjoy the summer. Wherever the sun is shining and the climate is pleasant, recharge your batteries and enjoy a beautiful and relaxing vacation. The crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean offer simply stunning scenery.

Land of history and heritage, our Mediterranean Sea cruises will take you through legendary places that have marked entire continents.


On a cruise from Cyprus, venture to a place that has been the source of as much ink as blood for thousands of years: the Holy Land. You will be guided through the shocking Jerusalem to discover its high places of heritage and discover the other treasures of the Holy Land. 


Then discover our Grand tour of Corsica departing from Nice on board La Belle des Océans. From Ajaccio to Ajaccio, from the ramparts of the citadel to the enchantment of the creeks, between deep blue and wild hills, this cruise takes the traveler by the heart. And takes him to the discovery of unsuspected treasures, with the liking of enchanted stopovers. Bonifacio, Porto Vecchio, Bastia, L'Ile Rousse: Corsica deploys its grandiose nature and authentic soul, its age-old rocks and the fine gold of its beaches, its ardent nature and myrtle scrubland, its winding paths and starry nights.