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Our ocean and coastal cruises give you the best of each country we take you to as you discover the beautiful nature and history that our destinations have to offer. Rarely will there have been trips that offer such a diversity of destinations and discoveries. You will follow the Mediterranean Sea and the Blue Sea to meet the countries of the Mediterranean basin and will go back in time to the oldest civilisations of the continent.

Throughout many varied excursions, you will discover countries with dazzling and ancient heritage. You will visit Croatia, probably one of the most beautiful countries in Europe, and will see the city-museum of Dubrovnik or the Krka Nature Park and its beautiful waterfalls linked by bridges and footbridges.

In Greece, you retrace the journey of Ulysses to Corfu while in Albania, you will visit the city of Berat, Ottoman-inspired and today is classed as world heritage site of UNESCO, and a great stop before visiting the city Apollonia.

While cruising from Cyprus, venture into a place that has a place in history, and which has been for thousands of years: the Holy Land in Israel. You will be guided through the stunning city of Jerusalem to discover its heritage.

On a cruise to Malta and Sicily, visit Valletta perched on the rocky heights before lingering in the small fishing ports still very well preserved, and enjoy every moment of the Mediterranean.

To ensure an immersive and comfortable journey, it is the MS Belle de l'Adriatique that will take you on these sea cruises. Imagined like no other ship in the CroisiEurope fleet, it is both larger and more spacious, designed to brave the less calm waters of the seas, while preserving its intimate size, making it capable of reaching small isolated ports where no other ship can go!