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Southern Europe is full of treasures. A land of flavours, sunshine and traditions, Italy, Portugal, and Spain are among our most popular destinations. Along the emblematic rivers that have shaped civilizations over thousands of years, you will discover the heritage of each of these countries through a number of excursions. They all have been designed to dive in the heart of the sites visited, which you will discover in the smallest detail. Our guides will take care not to omit any of the terrible secrets that fill the corridors of the Doge's Palace, in Venice. In this open-air museum, the Serenissima, you will discover the art and traditions of the inhabitants, who still make their famous masks and gondolas by hand. As you venture deeper into Italy, you'll see dazzling cities such as Verona, its bullring and its romanticism, or Murano and Burano, quaint villages of many colours and masterpieces of artisanship.

In Portugal, where the ocean meets Europe, start from Porto on the Golden River and venture to the heart of the Douro Valley. Here, the quintas (artisanal wine farms) are tremendous sites on the hilly landscapes where the vineyard governs the land.

Finally, in Spain, discover a troubled history, where different cultures have mingled, visit the Alcazar of Seville and its beautiful gardens, or the majestic Alhambra of Granada, a monument that is still unmatched. Our excursions will lead you through true Andalusia, for a stay in the heart of the traditions so unique to Spain.