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Respect for the Environment

A total commitment

For a long time, European countries have been at the forefront of ecological practices. CroisiEurope is proud to be a pioneer in this field since these practices have become the norm. Our commitment exceeds even the legal requirements.


We have equipped all our ships with water savers. As a result, we have achieved savings in drinking water consumption and reduced our wastewater emissions by 35%.

All ships have wastewater treatment systems. They are emptied at each stopover in the urban sewerage networks and / or in the water treatment stations provided for this purpose.

The undersides of all our ships are painted with non-polluting components.


Our ships are equipped with engines that comply with the latest and most stringent European anti-pollution standards. As a result, the production of greenhouse gases from our boats has decreased.

The technology of our ships allows us to navigate by consuming less diesel.

We have installed mains-operated systems.


Many of our ships are equipped with devices to save electricity.

Our ships spend the winter moored in a river port equipped with stationary generators and high-voltage outlet boxes located on a quay. As a result, pollution and noise emissions are reduced.


Waste paper, plastic and glass are sorted and compacted on board, before being recycled.

Used oils are stored and treated by specialists once the boat is moored in a port.

We use ecological and biodegradable cleaning products.


The ventilation of the engine room is soundproofed to reduce noise pollution when the boat is docked.


CroisiEurope is proud to be associated with Imprim'vert, an organization that enforces printers to respect environmentally friendly practices that protect the environment.

All CroisiEurope communication documents are printed on plain paper and use vegetable inks.


CroisiEurope has also partnered with UNESCO to pursue the ecological, healthy and sustainable development of Africa's river ports.


Here are the future green projects of the company:

  • Boats running on electricity.
  • Better control of consumption on board.
  • Reduction of waste production through the use of reusable packaging.