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Published on :   25/03/2019

Croisinews Online March 2019 | All the CroisiEurope News 

Amalia Rodrigues in Portugal !

Our new ship, which will sail on the Golden River in Portugal, arrived safely at its home port.

It left Strasbourg on February 18th, 2019, boarded the MV Super Servant (a carrier boat) on March 1st in Rotterdam and recently made a stopover in Bordeaux. After this long journey, he finally arrived on the evening of March 11th on the Portuguese coast in Leixoes to be " relieved ".

Its inauguration has taken place on Tuesday, March 19, 2019 in Porto.

You can relive this event with photos and videos on our Facebook page

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The beautiful Andalusia in video!

We invite you to discover our brand new video on Spain.

Escape for a few moments and enjoy a cruise to Andalusia!

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Prize awarded in Spain!

For the fifth time in a row, CroisiEurope has been rewarded as the “2018 Best river cruise company” in Spain. We have been given this award just a few days ago, and are very proud to share the news with you! 

Destination Croatia and Montenegro on a cruise

Do you know Croatia?

For those who have already had the chance to discover this country, you have certainly come back delighted, and for the others, do not wait any longer, go there enjoy these places full of natural, architectural and artistic treasures!

Thanks to its mild climate, the experience of this country is pleasant all year round.

Located at the crossroads of Mediterranean and Central Europe, the ancient nation but young state of Croatia was certainly born in pain, giving it a powerfull story to discover. Its horseshoe shape is like a lucky charm for the lucky traveller who discovers it.

28th state to enter Europe on July 1, 2013, the country had more than 4,1 million inhabitants in 2018.

It benefits from a fairly diversified landscape of plains, lakes, hills, heavily forested mountains and a rocky coastline. So many remarkable treasures to discover or rediscover!

Not to mention the 1000 famous islands that the country has to offer, our cruise takes you on a journey to discover some of them, whose charm will never stop seducing you. 

The itinerary has been designed to allow you to visit culturally rich places and admire the beauty of the landscapes.

The ancient Ragusa (Dubrovnik) is a beautiful introduction to travel with its Renaissance and Venetian style. Discover everything about the beautiful and great Split with its remains of Emperor Docletian.

In Vis, a former naval base, time seems to have stopped, its access was simply prohibited by the Yugoslav army between 1945 and 1989.

Hvar, certainly Croatian St. Tropez, is also known for its lavender culture.

The cruise also stops in Korcula, a winegrower town, and in the heart of the Mljet National Park on the island, which is partly not inhabited by the same name. The Benedictines built a convent with pure lines, nestled on an islet in the very heart of the island.

And finally, sailing in the mouths of Kotor is an unusual sight: you might think you're lost in a few fjords, but it's the Adriatic Sea that disappears here in vast stretches of clear water where the cliffs fall steeply.

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