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The Dutch and Belgian Canals

The North Sea and the rivers of Holland

Located in the west of the Netherlands, Amsterdam is part of the province of North Holland. The Amstel River flows into the Ij, forming a large number of canals in the centre of the city, which is what Amsterdam calls the "Venice of the North". The lands around the city are flat and formed of large polders, which CroisiEurope passengers have the opportunity to visit. Finally, the city is connected to the North Sea by the long North Sea canal.

The river cruise, an ideal way to visit Belgium

Belgium has a dense network of waterways crossing Flanders and Wallonia from east to west and from north to south. Thanks to the vision of the former Minister of transport, Gustave Willems, the fluvial infrastructure is very large on all major axes. In the aftermath of the Second World War, he conceived and vigorously defended the project of developing a homogeneous network to European standards. Carried out half a century later, this huge project has given rise to a vast river network, still maintained today for pleasure crafts. This network allows our passengers to discover the picturesque and peaceful Belgium, nicknamed country of "Stille waters" (silent waters).

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