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The Dutch and Belgian canals

Enjoy your cruise in Holland and Belgium: AMSTERDAM, ROTTERDAM, ANTWERP, BRUSSELS

Let’s take a trip to Holland and Belgium. Between the Dutch inland seas and the Belgian or Dutch canals, the cruises to these destinations will not fail to inspire you. A cruise in Holland in the spring will allow you to discover this country under the weight of thousands of tulips! You will also discover Amsterdam, the capital of Holland, and its historic heart, Rotterdam and Antwerp, the two largest ports in the world, but also the mills in Volendam and the famous Dutch flower park Keukenhof. Meet the “flat country” of Jaques Brel with our cruise to Belgium: Brussels, the capital of this beautiful country with Gothic and Renaissance heritage, with both classical and contemporary architecture, Bruges, the "Venice of the North", Namur, its old neighbourhoods ...

The Rhine and its tributaries

Discover our cruises on the RHINE, MOSELLE, SARRE, MAIN and NECKAR

We offer cruises on the Rhine from 3 to 9 days allowing you to discover the Rhine and its tributaries at different times of the year and from various angles. During these beautiful cruises, you will stop in different cities of Germany (Rüdesheim, Cologne, Bernskastel, Trier, Cochem ...) and will see the breath-taking Rhine castles located in the middle of famous vineyards. You’ll also have a glance at the rock of the Lorelei, famous rock of the Rhine Valley. On board the ship, our crew will tell you the many legends about the romantic Rhine. The views of the Rhine are superb, and completely enchanting. A cruise on the Rhine is a flagship cruise to be discovered!

The Baltic Islands, the Oder and the Havel

Enjoy our cruise from Berlin to Copenhagen

A cruise of 8 days to Germany and Denmark. You will cruise on the Havel, the Oder and the Baltic Sea with an itinerary between land and sea and discover 3 countries. This cruise to Germany will allow you to discover iconic cities and magical landscapes: a mix of art, tradition, history and culture. You will stop in Berlin (Germany), an effervescent metropolis, on the islands of Usedom and Rügen (Germany), enjoying unspoiled nature, in Greifswald and Stralsund (Germany), Hanseatic cities, Szczecin (Poland), a port city rich in tradition and remarkable history, and of course in Copenhagen (Denmark), city of charms and untold historical richness.